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Jerred Sydnor
Written by Jerred Sydnor

Promo codes

Adding discount codes to OrderNova

To create a promo code click on the Promotion Codes section of the menu and click the "+Add Promotion" button.

You will be prompted to the following criteria:

Promotion Code Title:  This is the name of the promo code and also what must be typed in to receive the discount

Start Date: The date you want the promotion to start

End Date: The date you want the promotion to end

Discount Type:

  1. Percentage - Takes a specified percent off the order total
  2. Amount - Takes a specified dollar amount of total

Amount: Number representing the dollar amount or percentage to discount.

Click the "Create" button and the Promo Code will be set up and available for the specified dates.

Promo Codes can be used on both In-Store orders and orders from your Online Store.