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Jerred Sydnor
Written by Jerred Sydnor

Product presentation

Decide how to display your products to employees and customers.

Each product has 3 different presentation settings.

Store Type

There are 4 different options for Store Type.

  1. Retail Only - the product will be available in-store and online for retail purchase
  2. Wholesale Only - the product will be available in-store for wholesale customers and if you have the Wholesale add-on your wholesale customers will be able to purchase this product online 
  3. Retail and Wholesale - the product will be available to both retail and wholesale customers
  4. Internal Only - the product will only be visible to company employees and can be added to in-store orders

Featured Product

Marking a product as a Featured Product will give the product prominent status in your OrderNova online store as well as add a "Featured" banner to the product's image.