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Jerred Sydnor
Written by Jerred Sydnor

Product presentation

Decide how to display your products to employees and customers.

Each product has 3 different presentation settings.

Store Type

There are 4 different options for Store Type.

  1. Retail Only - the product will be available in-store and online for retail purchase
  2. Wholesale Only - the product will be available in-store for wholesale customers and if you have the Wholesale Portal add-on your wholesale customers will be able to purchase this product online 
  3. Retail and Wholesale - the product will be available to both retail and wholesale customers
  4. Internal Only - the product will only be visible to company employees and can be added to in-store orders

Featured Product

Marking a product as a Featured Product will give the product prominent status in your OrderNova online store as well as add a "Featured" banner to the product's image.

The first product designated as a "Featured Product" will have it's description featured as well. Additional items designated as Featured Products will have smaller image cards and the featured banner.

Sort Order

Sort Order will affect where a product is displayed in the online store. A sort order of 1 will sort an item to the top and 10 will send it to the bottom. If 2 items have the same sort order number they will display by the number and then by alphabetical order.

Items that do not have a sort order set will sort below any items with a sort order set and then by alphabetical order.