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Jerred Sydnor
Written by Jerred Sydnor

Associated variants

Product Variants are variations of a single product that allow you to sell different sizes, variations, or quantities.

  • Product Variants are only available on Standard Products.
  • Each Standard Product must have at lease one variant.

To add a variant go to the Product's details page and enter a Name, Description, Price, and Unit Quantity. You can enter as many variants to a product as you need.

Some examples of times you would use a variant include offering different quantities of a product. For example, if you sell Cookies as singles, half-dozen, and dozen you could add a single cookie variant, a half-dozen cookie variant and a dozen cookie variant.

Another example would be if you offer different flavors of a base product like a Croissant and you offer Butter Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, and Almond Croissants. Each type of croissant would b a different variant.