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Jerred Sydnor
Written by Jerred Sydnor

Add advanced products

There are 3 different things that comprise an advanced product:

  1. Attributes - Attributes are the options that go on a custom product. An Attribute could be a flavor list or icing list or even a list of available decorations.
  2. Templates - Templates are a way to make products that share the same core characteristics.
  3. Advanced Products - Advanced Products bring attributes and templates together to make a customizable product. Each Advanced Product can also have its own attribute list.

The first step is to create some Attributes. From the dashboard click on Products and then the Attributes tab. Click on "+Add Attribute".

This example will add an Icing list for a 8 inch cake. 

Title the attribute 8" Frosting and then add the available flavors. You can add as many items to this list as you need. Each attribute on the list will also need a price. If the attribute doesn't not have a price enter 0.

Click update to save the Attribute.

Next, make a template for the cake. Click on Products then Templates and "+Add Template".

Title the template 8" Round Cake and add the price. Set the unity quantity to 1 and you can set a limit for how many of these items can be added to an individual order.

Now associate the Attributes that were just created. Also fill out the visible name field. The visible name field is the title of the list the customer or employee will see when selecting an attribute variation. Click Add to add the attribute and then click the Update button to save the changes.

Finally, add the template to a product. Click Products, "+Add Product".